ECM Rifling Ensures Perfect Internal Geometries on rifled barrels

ECM is the ideal technology for machining rifle barrels. Employing a special machine solution in the PI machine produces high-precision internal geometries on short and long barrels.

ECM Rifling with Special Machine Solution

EMAG ECM now uses a clever technological concept developed specifically for rifling. First, where the tool is concerned, this means that the (very narrow and elongated) tool cathode generates the desired internal geometry of the barrel with high precision. A wide range of very different geometries are possible, for example “polygonal,” “progressive” or “standard rifling.” Within the machining area, there are eight of these cathodes inside a compact module.

It is faster than the frequently used hammering process and has lower investment costs.

The process is completely safe throughout, with very easy cathode exchange and fast component loading. Drawing on our 20 years of experience in the development of ECM processes, the solution is suitable for short and long barrels, and almost any inner geometry is possible.

Advantages ECM Rifling

  • Low investment costs
  • Up to 8-fold parallel machining for short cycle times  
  • Fast tool changes 
  • Almost any internal geometry possible 
  • No mechanical or thermal stress on the component
  • No vibrations in the manufacturing
  • Low-noise process
  • Minimal footprint  

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