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An overview of our webinars

  • Wed, 19.06.2024 10:30 - Germany Time

    Bin-picking automation - reaching into the box

    Automation is the key to increasing production. This is not a new concept. But what do automation systems need to look like in order to meet today's requirements? Changing batches, fluctuating quantities, different and changing production requirements pose major challenges for many automation solutions.Bin picking is a solution that enables automation to precisely meet these requirements. Bin selection, also known as "bin picking", is a technology in which a robot arm uses a 3D sensor to remove workpieces in a chaotic position from a pallet cage or similar container. The robotic system automatically orients itself to the workpiece and feeds it to the machine in the correct position. EMAG offers bin-picking automation systems for a large number of its machines. In this webinar, we would like to show you how you can significantly increase the productivity of your manufacturing systems with these robotic systems.Your advantages at a glance


    Collision-free movement: Benefit from safe and efficient robot movement thanks to real-time 3D position detection and dynamic path planning.


    Precision part detection: Experience how a repeat accuracy of +/-0.4 mm ensures high-precision production even with large removal areas.


    Customizable robotics: Learn how the gripper system can be configured for a variety of applications to meet your specific production requirements.


    Integration: See how you can combine the system with other automation solutions to further optimize your manufacturing processes.

     Who should take part?This webinar is aimed at production managers, automation engineers, process optimizers and technology enthusiasts, who want to understand and apply the latest trends in manufacturing automation.Register now and take the opportunity to expand your specialist knowledge and benefit from practical insights.We look forward to welcoming you virtually to the webinar. As always, our experts will be available to answer your questions live during the webinar.

  • Wed, 26.06.2024 10:30 - Germany Time

    The VST 50 takes ball stud production to a new level

    This webinar will focus on the VST 50, EMAG's answer to the highly specialized and demanding challenge of machining ball pins and ball sleeves. These components are indispensable in the steering and suspension of cars and place high demands on precision manufacturing. Discover how the VST 50 redefines production in terms of speed, quality and efficiency thanks to its unique technological innovations. With extreme chip-to-chip times of less than two seconds, EMAG is setting new standards.Your insight into the webinar: 


    The challenge: Find out why the machining of ball pins is a special task and what requirements are associated with it. 


    Technological innovations: The VST 50 shines with a highly automated solution that combines simple operation with exceptional process reliability. 


    Unique machine concept: Two suspended workpiece spindles, an innovative tool system and the use of three robots working in parallel for optimum cycle times. 


    Process reliability: A light-band micrometer for quality assurance, cameras for process monitoring and other measures guarantee the highest quality standards. 


    A new approach to tool changing: Experience how the VST 50 minimizes changeover times with an intelligent, robot-assisted tool changing system. 

    Register now and take the opportunity to expand your specialist knowledge. We look forward to welcoming you virtually to the webinar. As always, our experts will be available to answer your questions live during the webinar. 


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