Cylindrical grinding Technolgy from CNC-Technik Weiss GmbH

Thanks to the cylindrical grinding technology of CNC-Technik Weiss GmbH, the EMAG group is expanding its technology range in the field of highly productive and high-precision cylindrical grinders.

Over the past few years, CNC-Technik Weiss has made a name for itself as a successful developer of cylindrical grinders. Founded in 1993 the company built this expertise by performing maintenance and modernization work on Karsten cylindrical grinders.

Since 2002, CNC-Technik Weiss has its own range of cylindrical grinders, which stretches from conventional cylindrical grinders all the way to high-tech CNC cylindrical grinders. The machine concept is designed for both single part prototype manufacturing and also cylindrical grinding of small batches. As a specialist for innovative solutions, Weiss offers tailor-made flexible concepts for cylindrical grinders as well as professional retrofitting for Karstens cylindrical grinders.

The company has been part of the EMAG group since 2019.

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