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this machine concept to make your shaft machining faster, more reliable and more efficient. Content of the webinar: Possible applications: The VTC machines are suitable for numerous shaft machining requirements [...] give you an insight into modern shaft manufacturing. Find out why the VT & VTC series of vertical turning machines, with their modular design and flexible configuration options, have become the first choice [...] extended machining options can increase your production efficiency. Practical application examples: See realized application examples that demonstrate the versatility and performance of VTC machines in action

perform conventional turning and scroll-free turning While 4-axis machining already offers tremendous performance resources for conventional turning of shaft parts, the machining speed can be further increased [...] the quality and functionality of the shafts. The vertical 4-axis shaft turning machines of the VT series are ideal for this task. When it comes to machining components with a maximum length of 630 millimeters [...] When combined, the machine’s advantages provide reduced cycle times and therefore guarantee minimal unit costs. Machine design aimed at quality The core of the VT machines is the machine base made from MINERALIT

as in 2018, the specialists developed a highly efficient solution for cutting machining based on the CNC vertical turning center VDZ 520 XL on behalf of a Central American supplier. Eight processes take [...] about 320 components can be produced per machine and day, although the customer ordered six machines to produce higher quantities. In the meantime, twelve machines are being used, which clearly shows that [...] aligned and centered with high precision. Furthermore, the entire design of the machine is advantageous. Its vertical machining ensures optimal chip flow despite the closed stator housing. Its synchronous

Grinding Machines Vertical Turning and Grinding Machines for Shaft Production The complete solution for the production of shafts: The VTC 100 GT turning and grinding machine guarantees the fast combination [...] perfect for the machining of difficult to produce shaft-type workpieces. Overview of the VTC Machines for Grinding Shafts Machine finder ( 2 ) machines found VTC 100 GT Workpiece dia., max.: 100 mm | 4 in Workpiece [...] combination of the hard turning and grinding processes. All turning operations are performed with the tool turret, and then the grinding process is performed in the second station. The VTC 315 DS is perfect

Grinding Machines Vertical Turning and Grinding Centers for Chucked Components Vertical turning and grinding centers combine the advantages of hard turning with those of grinding on a single machine, in a [...] a single set-up. Overview Vertical Turning and Grinding Centers Machine finder ( 3 ) machines found VLC 200 GT Workpiece dia., max.: 160 mm | 6.5 in Workpiece length, max.: 100 mm | 4 in Chuck dia., max

times. VL 3 / VL 5 - Lathes for the Vertical Turning of Flange Parts Vertical Turning Machine VL EMAG VL 2 – Vertical Turning Machines How a vertical pick-up turning machine works The mainspindle with the workpiece [...] Technologies Vertical turning The Vertical Turning Technology Vertical turning is a machining process for metal components. EMAG was one of the first machine tool manufacturers to use the vertical turning process [...] world-renowned series of vertical turning machines was the VSC. But what began life as a machine for vertical turning soon developed into a multi-functional production centre. Vertical turning is a highly productive

Vertical Turning Machines from EMAG Vertical Pick-Up Lathes from the Global Market Leader EMAG is the global market leader for vertical pick-up turning machines. These vertical lathes are ideal for ma [...] Multi-Spindle Machines High-Output Production Shaft Machining Modular VT High Performance Shaft Production Customized VTC Customized Shaft Machining Vertical Turning Centers – An Overview Machine finder ( 25 [...] information about our machines, technologies and webinars. Subscribe now! VL Modular Integrated Precision – The VL Series The modular VL pick-up turning machines are space-saving vertical turning centers with an

is as simple as it is effective, and can be achieved by complete machining in one machine, with one clamping operation: after hard turning, only a residual allowance of a few hundredths of a millimeter remains [...] expertise of the employees play a central role in the success. 17 EMAG Machines in Operation This family-owned company has an enormous vertical range, with a production area that is approximately 60,000 square [...] Currently there are a total of 17 EMAG machines in operation at Kordel – the oldest has been working for more than 20 years. The most recent additions were two VLC 200 GT turning and grinding centers. Why does

requires far fewer machines. “We’re breaking new ground with this 5-axis turning/milling center,” concludes Händel. “The machine was specifically designed with the goal to enable complete machining, including [...] multifunctional turning/milling center with five axes to develop production solutions for complex components with a maximum diameter of 450 millimeters (18 in). For this, turning is always the machine's main [...] Traditionally, this key transmission component in heavy machining runs through six different machines that are not completely linked—starting with two turning operations, continuing with broaching/gear hobbing

pick-up turning machines: Learn about the advantages of these machines compared to conventional horizontal turning machines, including the integration of automation technologies, the small footprint and optimized [...] in turned parts manufacturing. The focus is on the use of automation, manufacturing strategies and the Internet of Things (IoT). The following topics will be covered during the webinar: Vertical pick-up [...] more about the vertical integration of our products. Practical application examples: Using concrete examples, we will show you the possible applications of automation solutions in turned parts production

company can offer. 4-axis machining of rotor shafts The vertical 4-axis shaft turning machines of the VT series are ideal for manufacturing rotor shafts. When it comes to machining components with a maximum [...] scroll-free turning technology from being used on the vertical shaft turning centers. Appropriate programs for the control system makes setting up the machine as easy as when using conventional turning processes [...] shaft laminated cores. Since EMAG manufactures not only vertical turning centers but also grinding machines, the decision of whether grinding or turning should be the technology of choice for the respective

hard turning and grinding. For shaft machining too, the market offers suitable machine concepts that integrate the hard turning and grinding process (VTC 315 DS Hard Turning and Grinding Machine for shaft [...] The hard turning and grinding technology has proven its worth in the field In the machining of chucked components (VSC DS Hard Turning and Grinding Machine) the combination of hard turning and grinding [...] combination technology hard turning and grinding A typical example of combination machining (hard turning and grinding) is the machining of gearwheels. The shoulders are finish hard turned. Because of the high

Machining Centers & Milling Machines Machining Centers & Milling Machines to Manufacture Complex and Heavy Workpieces The vertical machining centers from EMAG are used to machine components with complex [...] is a dual spindle milling machine for ball cage milling. The machine is designed for both soft and hard milling. Overview of EMAG Machining Centers Machine finder ( 4 ) machines found HCM 110 Workpiece dia [...] complex geometries and large diameters. The vertical CNC machining centers can be equipped with a multitude of machining technologies and offer the greatest freedom when it comes to flexibility. The HCM 110

soft machining possible with EMAG technology Machines are perfectly designed for the application of scroll-free turning technology Scroll-Free Turning EMAG Machining Example: For the Finish Machining of [...] Scroll-free Turning Scroll-Free Turning from EMAG: Fast, Precise, Reliable Scroll-free turning technology developed by EMAG offers new possibilities for fine machining. With scroll-free turning, you are able [...] Scroll-Free Turning There are many advantages to using scroll-free turning when machining hardened workpieces. However, to use scroll-free turning, some conditions for both the workpiece and machine must be



Grinding Machines Machining Centers and Milling Machines The vertical machining centers from EMAG are used to machine components with complex geometries and large diameters. The vertical CNC machining centers [...] aerospace, automotive, off-highway and energy sectors. Turning Machines EMAG is the global market leader for vertical pick-up turning machines. These vertical lathes are ideal for manufacturing large batch sizes [...] EMAG CNC machines. Turning Machines Grinding Machines EMAG manufactures grinding machines for a wide range of applications. Whether its internal or external cylindrical grinding, non-round machining for parts

VTC 100-4 vertical turning center, and then the machine’s workpiece gripper transports the component into the machining area. In a single clamping operation, the turbine shaft is pre-turned, with four-axis [...] four-axis machining, guaranteeing reduced processing times. The vertical design and the resulting free flow of chips prevent chip build-up. A second robot removes the pre-turned parts from the conveyor belt [...] GT vertical grinding machine finishes the ring grooves and the outer wing contour of the turbine wheel. Optionally, the wing contour can be deburred with an additional driven brush in the machining area

clamping operation on a single machine. This means the user saves investment costs and the total machining time for a component is minimized. Alternatively, the machine with its two spindles, which can [...] VSC 400 PS power skiving machine not only combines skiving and rolling processes but can also hold up to four different power skiving tools on two spindles, plus up to six turning tools. This has far-reaching [...] interface of the machine is of great importance, because power skiving such a sophisticated technique with many potential settings. However, these are largely omitted on this EMAG machine with intuitive

pick-up turning machines, which are known worldwide for their quality, productivity and process reliability in brake disc production. Modular machine configuration: We will show you how our machines can be [...] production process chain: Get a comprehensive overview of the machining processes from raw-parts to finished brake discs, including turning, drilling, balancing, exhibition, testing, marking, laser metal [...] In this webinar "Brake disc production - complete process chain from a single source: turning, laser metal deposition and grinding," we present the complete process chain, including system concepts and

areas of application of the VSC series and show you how you can use these machines to manufacture even demanding serial turned parts economically and with process reliability. What to expect: Technology [...] products, such as couplings, differential housings and truck brake discs, are manufactured on our machines. Learn how our technology optimizes the production of these complex components and increases efficiency

present to you our scroll-free turning technology: a technology developed by EMAG that opens up new manufacturing opportunities in the world of hard metal cutting. Scroll-free turning creates surfaces that are [...] are free from machining marks with very short cycle times. This allows us to achieve surface qualities that in the past were only achievable through grinding, with scroll-free turning. In this presentation [...] presentation we will provide background information on the advantages and challenges of scroll-free turning.

What to expect: real-world examples of the machine's application in the field of internal and external gears. insight into the efficient power skiving and turning processes as well as technological background

750 induction hardening machine by EMAG eldec (OP 50). Hard machining of the shaft starts with external turning in the EMAG VT 4-4 pick-up machine (OP 60) and internal turning in the modular VL series [...] finish-turning various shoulders on the outside. The finishing with close tolerances and high demands on surface quality is provided by the final grinding process on a vertical shaft grinding machine of the [...] separate components at the beginning) is transported into and out of the machining area with a movable workpiece spindle. The vertical turning and milling process is then performed at high cutting speeds with

non-round machining for parts such as cams or crankshaft grinding – EMAG provides the right technology! Chucked Components Vertical Turning and Grinding Centers Shaft Production Vertical Turning and Grinding [...] cylindrical Grinding Machines Brake discs Grinding of hard coatings Grinding Machines from EMAG—Machine Overview Machine finder ( 20 ) machines found W 11 CNC Grinding length, max.: 650 / 1,500 mm | 25.5 / [...] Grinding Machines Grinding Machines for Cylindrical and Non-Round Workpieces EMAG manufactures grinding machines for a wide range of applications. Whether its internal or external cylindrical grinding

lathes for some time. Vertical design with decisive advantages The vertical design of these solutions played an important role in the investment decision. The horizontal machine from another manufacturer [...] was also based on existing know-how: The machine manufacturers used examples from other customers to show how stator machining is carried out in their machines - with low non-productive times and high [...] times per shift. "It was therefore obvious to us that we should carry out these processes in machines with a vertical design, because their unhindered chip flow prevents many disruptions. Our objective was

Shaft Production on Turning Machines from the VTC Series Shaft machining in mid-sized to large-scale production creates special challenges for the machine design. Short idle times, flexible automation [...] the VTC series, EMAG supplies machines specifically designed to meet these requirements. Overview of the VTC Series of Customized Shaft Machines Machine finder ( 6 ) machines found VTC 100 Workpiece dia