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  • Workpiece length, max.: mm/in 280/11*
  • Workpiece dia., max.: 160 mm | 6.5 in
  • Ball diameter max.: 30 mm | 1 in

VSC 315 TWIN KBG two-spindle vertical spherical milling and turning center

The VSC 315 TWIN KBG was specially designed for hard machining of straight ball raceways in joint housings, axle journals, , ball hubs, joint hubs and joint rings. The machine impresses with its high-performance and accuracy, especially in high-volume production. Its design allows simultaneous machining of two workpieces, which increases productivity enormously - with a minimal footprint.

Simultaneous machining for maximum productivity

The gantry slides of the VSC 315 TWIN KBG ball rail milling machine are irrespective units; each slide and spindle has independent X and Z axis drives. In addition, there are separate measuring systems with linear scales in all axes. This guarantees high-precision machining, where diameter and length corrections can be made individually per spindle.

Technical Highlights:

Milling spindles: With a speed range up to 8,500 min-1 and a motor power of 15 kW at 100% ED, these motor spindles are the heart of the machine. They are equipped with fluid-cooled spindle housings, high-precision ceramic hybrid bearings and a toolholder system with shoulder facing.

Overhead slide and spindle design: The separate X and Z axes per spindle enable precision movements and adjustments. The spindles themselves are characterized by high rigidity, which is ensured by a triple bearing arrangement, optimized bearing distances and precision shoulder bearings in a tandem O arrangement. The spindle sleeve guide (only this executes the Z movement) is hydrostatically mounted and guarantees damping, best guide quality and rigidity with lowest friction. This and an additional support bearing at the spindle end ensure high accuracy.

Cooling system and thermo-symmetrical construction: An integrated cooling system adapts the machine to the ambient temperature, and the thermo-symmetrical construction ensures uniform heat distribution and thus constant accuracy over long operating times.

Machine base body made of mineralite® : The use of mineralite, a special reaction resin concrete, gives the machine 6 to 8 times better damping characteristics than cast iron. This results in increased thermal stability and excellent vibration damping effects, which are essential for consistently high machining quality.

Programming: The machine offers both workshop-oriented programming modules and the possibility of creating part programs in ISO code. This makes it suitable for both experienced machine operators and newcomers.


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Technical Data

Workpiece length, max.

280/11* mm/in

Workpiece dia., max.

160 mm

6.5 in

Ball diameter max.

30 mm

1 in

Workpiece length, max. mm/in 280/11*
Workpiece dia., max. mm
Ball diameter max. mm
Chuck dia., max. mm
Swing diameter mm
X-axis travel mm
Z-axis travel mm
*Longer workpieces and larger diameters on request

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