Environmental protection at the EMAG Group: A commitment to sustainability

At the EMAG Group, we firmly believe that every step in the value chain offers an opportunity to act in a more environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. This holistic approach to environmental protection permeates all areas of our company, from production and assembly to administration and the end product.

Quality products as the key to environmental protection

We see the greatest responsibility towards the environment in the quality of our machines. The durable, energy-efficient and forward-looking machine tools are characterized by high production quality. They are designed for minimum wear, which increases their productivity and reduces the associated energy input per workpiece produced.

Particular attention is paid to the recyclability and environmental compatibility of all machines. By promoting sustainable materials and production processes, EMAG actively contributes to extending the life cycle of its machines and minimizing environmental impact.

Environmental Management System

EMAG's environmental management system is the basis for continuous improvement. It shows that sustainable and environmentally conscious action makes a significant contribution to the company's success and is one of EMAG's core values. In order to continuously review and improve the processes in the EMAG Group, we regularly undergo certification. You can find the certification certificates here:


Energy management system / energy audits

We are also subject to various national as well as international energy and climate-related legislation.

Our sites that are subject to these obligations are responsible for implementation. They are audited by internal and external experts.

We are aware of our responsibility and will continue to be committed to energy efficiency and environmental protection in the future in order to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

Focus on environmental compatibility and sustainability in innovations

Innovation is a core value of the EMAG Group, but not at any price. Environmental compatibility and sustainability are at the forefront of every new development. This approach ensures that EMAG's progress not only helps make our customers more successful, but also makes the world a better place to live in for future generations.

At EMAG, environmental protection is not an isolated initiative, but an integral part of the corporate culture. By integrating environmental protection into the corporate strategy, we show that profitable growth and environmental protection can go hand in hand.