Brake Disc Grinding Machines

In the automotive industry, efficiency is a decisive factor for success. Our specialized brake disc grinders are tailor-made to meet the specific challenges of machining hard coatings of brake discs. They offer maximum precision and performance and are characterized by automated processes.

Our grinding machines guarantee consistently high quality standards in the machining of brake discs. The vertical spindle alignment enables effective downward removal of grinding sludge and particles, minimizing the accumulation of residue on the workpiece surface and in the machine.

The vertical machine design not only facilitates integration into manufacturing systems, but also enables easy link-up with various automation systems such as robots, conveyor belts or loading gantries.

Overview Brake Disc Grinding Machines

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  • Outer diameter of friction ring max.: 450 mm | 17.5 in
  • Diameter friction ring inside max.: 250 mm | 10 in
  • Friction ring thickness: mm 10 - 45