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components joined by laser welding. What’s more: The specialists are continuously expanding their laser process and application know-how. For example, they have already designed machines with laser cleaning processes [...] through the laser welding process itself, up to thermal joining and high-precision ultrasonic inspection processes. This know-how is what makes us unique in the market.” EMAG Blog: EMAG LaserTec New market [...] components and therefore extra weight, which needs to be reduced as far as possible. This is why laser welding has become indispensable in modern transmission construction: Components can be joined perfectly

Laser-Welding Machines Laser Welding Machines for High-Efficiency Production of Powertrain Components EMAG LaserTec supplies laser welding machines and complete systems for the production of transmission [...] transmission components of all kinds. Its laser welding systems, and their developed processes, have become industry standards. Overview Laser-Welding Machines from EMAG Machine finder ( 6 ) machines found ELC [...] information ELC 6 External diameter, max.: 300 mm | 12 in Workpiece height, max.: 300 mm | 12 in Axial welding diameter: 75 / 200 mm | 3 / 8 in More information ELC 600 Workpiece dia., max.: 600 mm | 23.5 in

Laser-Welding Machines Laser Welding Solutions from EMAG EMAG ELC laser welding solutions are compact laser machine tools that can be configured with standardized platforms and their relevant modules designed [...] Each was developed and optimized to produce high-quality components. Laser Welding Applications The flexibility of the laser welding process means cast materials and case-hardened steel can be joined without [...] your production line. Download the laser welding applications presentation presented at ALAW 2023 by Nikolas Meyer, Business Unit Manager – Sales & Application, EMAG Laser Tec GmbH. Download now! Contact

clamping and laser welding . Laser welding ELC 160 laser welding machine Machines for your requirements ( 6 ) machines found Laser Welding Machines ELC 1200 V Laser Welding Machines ELC 160 Laser Welding Machines [...] Technologies Laser welding Range of application for laser welding Laser welding is a precondition for compact, weight-optimised components and thus for energy- efficient vehicles. Adjustable doses of [...] welding. EMAG ELC laser welding systems were – without any compromise – developed and optimised for the production laser welding of high-quality components. Laser welding creates new workpiece geometries The

found Laser Welding Machines ELC 160 Laser Welding Machines ELC 160 HP Technologies Complex Manufacturing Systems from a Single Source thanks to a High Range of Technologies Laser welding Laser welding [...] Workpieces Gear shaft (laser welding) Laser Welding Machine for the Production of Gear Shafts Laser welding has emerged as a key technology in the manufacturing of weight-optimized vehicle components. [...] carrier together with laser welding. The benefits of laser welding during gear shaft production Perfect connections on gear shafts Precise mechanical engineering and modern laser technology ensure consistent

Laser Welding of Large Components: A worthwhile Process also for the Commercial Vehicle Industry? Laser welding is a process that offers various advantages, such as a high process speed, maximum precision [...] vehicle industry, we would like to show you how laser welding can also be used productively for larger and heavier components. In doing so, we will also address laser cleaning, which is suitable as a technology [...] If you have already thought about how you can use laser welding, then this recorded webinar is indispensable for you.

directly to the innovative technology of EMAG LaserTec, because the company, based in Heubach near Aalen, has an impressive track record with laser welding, which is indispensable in "building" the two-piece [...] joining as well as welding taking place in quick succession and perfectly timed by the rotary table. The precisely metered, concentrated energy of the laser beam permits high welding speeds with minimal [...] individual parts are loaded into the ELC 6, the workpieces are laser cleaned. For this purpose, EMAG LaserTec offers the LC 4 laser cleaning machine, which can be optimally link-up with the ELC 6, thus ensuring

reliably. In this context, EMAG LaserTec offers a high level of competence as a system provider of production solutions. In this white paper we will present some of these laser solutions for the commercial

optical media, such as an arc lamp. CO2 laser – On the CO2 laser, the laser medium is CO2 gas, similar to the solid laser. Disk laser – The disk laser is a solid laser whose resonator is a disk-shaped crystal [...] electrons in a laser medium to a higher energy level. This is generally achieved by radiation, such as by a laser diode. Solid laser – Solid lasers are the type of laser in which the laser medium is a solid [...] the parts for welding which makes supplying several welding stations with the same laser source a challenge. In practice, these problems do not exist when using disk or fiber laser welding systems since

site,” says Meyer. The laser experts from Heubach have now invested their experience in developing a new laser cleaning machine. Laser cleaning: Application know-how is key In the laser application laboratory [...] from the surface. Laser cleaning offers numerous advantages. Compared to customary industrial washing systems, laser beam cleaning is very energy- and space-efficient. The new LC 4-2 laser cleaning machine [...] in laser processing “Developing laser cleaning machines is quite a challenge, as the requirements can differ vastly from component to component,” explains Nikolas Meyer, head of sales at EMAG LaserTec

versatility and productivity of lasers in modern production technology. We offer you a comprehensive overview of our machine portfolio for laser cleaning, laser welding and ultrasonic testing. Find out [...] machines for laser cleaning, laser welding and ultrasonic testing. Find out how our universal and customized solutions can help your business. Turnkey systems: We present specialized solutions for laser welding [...] processes. Laser hardening of tool holders - ELC 1300 LH: Discover how our ELC 1300 LH revolutionizes laser hardening and creates decisive added value for your tool holders. Laser welding of hydraulic

holistic production systems based on laser welding is what makes EMAG LaserTec unique in the market.” More information ELC 160 Laser Welding Machine More information LC 4-2 Laser Cleaning Machine [...] and that’s precisely where laser welding comes into play. For years, laser welding has been essential in the development of drive train workpieces for passenger vehicles. Welded joints now replace screwed [...] commercial vehicle manufacturers called EMAG LaserTec. The experts, headquartered in Heubach, Germany, specialize in the development of complete laser welding systems. “The customer knew us, since they already

EMAG LaserTec – Laser Welding Systems with Pre-heating and Joining Technology EMAG LaserTec in Heubach, Germany develops state-of-the-art laser welding and joining technologies. With the laser welding systems [...] gearbox and power train components that redefine today’s industry standards. Besides laser welding technologies, EMAG LaserTec also develops precision machines for the production of camshafts and gear shafts [...] components. In addition to advanced technologies using lasers or heating and joining methods, process development is another integral element in the EMAG LaserTec portfolio – and an important factor in decision

production laser-welding systems like the EMAG ELC series, which fully satisfy the above requirements, have a lot more in common with machine tools than with typical welding systems. Machines for laser cleaning [...] Preparing for laser metal deposition: There are numerous ways of doing this, for example laser cleaning or preheating the components, etc. Laser metal deposition: Apart from the actual laser metal deposition [...] process. Laser welding is likewise increasingly used in the manufacture of electric motors, for example with copper or aluminum compounds, especially in the electric drive and in the battery. Laser welding

remaining surface is perfect for subsequent machining, e.g. laser welding. Laser Cleaning in Detail During laser cleaning, the high-energy laser beam evaporates impurities from surfaces. Evaporation residues [...] its additives Machines for your requirements ( 3 ) machines found Laser Welding Machines ELC 1200 V Laser Welding Machines ELC 600 Laser Cleaning Machines LC 4-2 Workpieces The Right Manufacturing Solution [...] Technologies Laser Cleaning Laser Cleaning Technology Laser cleaning is a fast and space-saving process that can replace conventional washing machines in many applications. One of its main strengths is

Laser cleaning uses a focused laser beam that is moved over the area to be cleaned by a scanner and machine axes. All the particles present – whether oils, oxides, paints, or technical coatings – can be [...] process and are also susceptible to faults. Laser cleaning has none of these problems. Complete solution in a very small space The specialists at EMAG LaserTec have built perfect mechanical engineering [...] process. With the help of this control software, laser cleaning is an easily managed process. The system operator can make all relevant settings like laser and scanner parameters, geometry, and feed rate

complex production process such as “laser welding of differentials” comprises several additional processes, from induction heating (if required) and joining, to laser welding and all the way to final process [...] The basic principle of laser cleaning is fascinating: Pulsed laser radiation strikes a surface at high pulse peak power. The material instantly evaporates and only a very thin layer is heated in the process [...] With our LC 4-2 laser cleaning machine, we meet this and other requirements using our proven EMAG modular technology. Our solution is extremely reliable, efficient, and saves space.” The laser specialists

downstream cleaning of workpieces. In recent years, laser cleaning has established itself as a high-quality process, for example as preparation for bonding, welding, coating, or assembly. Process reliability, [...] like to introduce you to this technology and the solutions we have developed at EMAG LaserTec. We will show you the laser cleaning process and discuss how this technology can be used sensibly for your application

question some time ago, because our laser expertise is generally a perfect basis for laser coating methods,” says Dr. Andreas Mootz, managing director of EMAG LaserTec based in Heubach near Aalen. “We [...] ensures an extremely controlled laser metal deposition process. Here, a bond layer and the carbide layer on top of it are each applied to the brake disk using a laser welding process. So, almost no material [...] quantity of material is on the disk. Laser cleaning: Then the blank is cleaned in the next station to remove working materials and dirt. This involves applying pulsed laser radiation to the surface, which vaporizes

Technologies Laser Metal Deposition High Volume Brake Disc Production: High-Productivity Laser Metal Deposition for Efficient Processing Euro 7 standard mandates lower non-emissions particulate matter [...] offer a complete solution for the hard coating of brake discs by laser metal deposition – the process is safe, efficient, and fast. Laser Metal Deposition: Focus on the Perfect Surface 1. The Background: [...] Energy Deposition) technology, specifically high-speed laser metal deposition. In this process, the material powder is directed into the focus of the laser beam, where it melts while still in the air and hits

ELC 160


ELC 160 laser welding machine 360° view Laser Welding Machines ELC 160 Send inquiry Automated laser welding of synchronous gears and gear wheels on the ELC 160 laser welding machine Laser welding is a high-tech [...] transmissions. The EMAG LaserCell laser welding machine press-fits the synchro body onto the gearwheel and welds the two components together by means of a laser beam. The EMAG LaserCell is supplemented with [...] tasks. Laser welding machine for high-output production The ELC 160 is a modular laser welding machine that can be configured for the most diverse tasks. The centerpiece of the ELC 160 laser welding machine

ELC 160


Technological flexibility in the ELC 160 laser welding machine The ELC 160 laser welding machine can be equipped with all types of laser technologies. Be it CO2 laser or fiber-guided systems (fibers, disc [...] gearwheel and welds the two components together by means of a laser beam. The EMAG LaserCell is supplemented with expansion stages that allow it to be adapted to your specific tasks. Laser welding machine for [...] Laser welding is a high-tech manufacturing process that transmission manufacturing no longer can do without. Connecting gearwheel and synchro body using laser welding is the basis for more compact and

with the cycle time. Turn-Key Welding System for the Laser Welding of Differential Gear Housings The ELC 250 DUO laser welding system, developed and built by EMAG LaserTec, is focused on productivity [...] switch. The occupancy rate for the laser is therefore optimized, increasing productivity during laser welding. Extensive integration of workhandling and laser-welding reduces the number of machining operations [...] The ELC 250 DUO is a compact laser welding system used for the production of gear components. The ELC laser welding system is designed as a DUO alternative with twin spindles. Its two-station operation

Laser Welding Machines ELC 160 HP Send inquiry ELC 160 HP – “High-Performance” Laser Welding Machine for Gear Components and Clutches The ELC 160 HP was designed for the laser welding of the control gear [...] accessible Laser welding in the narrowest of spaces Advantages ELC 160 HP High-performance laser welding of gears and clutches Rotary indexing table for short travel distances and cycle times Laser welding of [...] Every Workpiece Gear shaft (laser welding) Laser welding has emerged as a key technology in the manufacturing of weight-optimized vehicle components. Not only does laser welding ensure maximum component quality

followed by the joining and welding process that combines them. In modern transmission manufacture the welding is done by lasers – a process that allows for the energy of the laser beam to be exactly dosed [...] and concentrated on the welding point. It ensures that any warping is minimal and the welding speed is as high as possible. The welding method used by EMAG employs solid state lasers, which makes it exceptionally [...] exceptionally energy-efficient. Machines for your requirements ( 2 ) machines found Laser Welding Machines ELC 160 Laser Welding Machines ELC 160 HP Technologies Complex Manufacturing Systems from a Single Source