Dynamic balancing improves the quality of the workpiece and reduces wear

In recent years, requirements for machine tools have increased in order to achieve higher machining capacity and increase efficiency. With this increase, the requirements for spindles, tools and workpiece holders have also become more stringent. If imbalanced, the effects are detrimental, especially at increased speeds.

Any imbalance at the spindle can have the following effects:

  • Vibrations in the machining area and thus faster wear of the spindles and tools
  • Poor workpiece quality
  • Short tool service lives

To prevent these situations, EMAG offers two levels of dynamic balancing. By balancing our highly dynamic spindles, their tools and adapters we will be able to guarantee you maintain precise workpiece tolerances.

We would be glad to help you if you have any questions about balancing – please send us an inquiry using the contact form.


  • Improved true running properties
  • Improvement of the workpiece quality
  • Reduction spindle and the tool wear
  • Increased process reliability

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