Jugend forscht

Since the middle of 2018, the EMAG Group and the city of Donzdorf, Germany have been sponsoring the regional “Jugend forscht” youth science contest in Staufen/Alb. At EMAG it is important to us to provide young researchers from the region with a platform to showcase their inventiveness and creativity. So every year, in February, school aged children, college students and apprentices from the area are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in this regional competition - The winners qualify for the statewide contest.

Jugend forscht 2020 in review

We Promote Talent!

Projects are conducted in the following subject areas: work environment, biology, chemistry, geo- and space sciences, mathematics/IT, physics and technology. All children and young adults ages 9 - 21 can take part in the “Jugend forscht” contest. Those interested in submitting a research project or experiment can register on the “Jugend forscht” website either as an individual or with a group of up to three people. 

All further and new information about the competition 2021 will follow shortly here.

Jugend forscht 2019 in review

“We are looking for the scientists of tomorrow!” Henri Nannen, the editor-in-chief of stern magazine, coined this slogan when launching the first Jugend forscht contest in 1965. This is as true today as it was then. In science, technology and engineering there is an unbroken demand for highly qualified people. As a result of declining student numbers in these subjects and due to an increasing global competition, the current lack of specialists is going to get even worse. Jugend forscht believes that the education of young people and the development of their careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is a crucial task for our society. This is how we will be able to meet the challenges of the future. Jugend forscht makes an important contribution to identifying and supporting the highly gifted people we need in business and academia.

Jugend forscht 2018 in review

“Jugend forscht” is Germany’s most renowned youth contest and it has been held since 1965. “Schüler experimentieren” is the junior category of the “Jugend forscht” contest. In Donzdorf, work was presented in the fields of biology, physics, work environment, chemistry, technology, mathematics/IT and geo- and space sciences. Among the 69 participants in total, 30 were girls.

In 2018, the panel of experts at the Staufen/Alb regional “Jugend forscht” contest assessed a total of 38 projects in seven subject areas.

Jugend forscht 2017 in review

The city of Donzdorf organized the Staufen/Alb regional contest for the first time as a partner organization. This was one of a total of 11 regional “Jugend forscht” youth science contests in Baden-Württemberg.

A total of 69 children and youths presented their projects in 7 different fields under the motto “The future—I’m shaping it” on February 17 and 18, 2017.

Among the projects presented to a panel of experts and to the public, 9 came from the “Schüler experimentieren” category (up to age 14) and 22 from the “Jugend forscht” category (ages 15 to 21).