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once a year on average," the ECM expert recommends. A detailed explanation of the ECM process, including a video, can be found here: [...] superalloys Simultaneous machining of macro and micro structures About EMAG ECM EMAG ECM GmbH, based in Heubach, Germany, is a technology company for the electrochemical metalworking sector within the EMAG Group [...] in full swing and is also affecting the manufacturing industry," Franz Groß, Sales Manager at EMAG ECM in Heubach, is convinced. The advance of electromobility alone will reduce the total number of parts

inquiries that we receive with the ECM drilling, ECM broaching and ECM countersinking technologies.“ This is precisely the reason for which the specialists at EMAG ECM have developed a tailored production [...] With the new PI series, EMAG ECM experts are now making a decisive technological leap forward to be able to address an even larger customer base. The generator technology, the electrolyte management system [...] machining modules. That’s what makes the ECM process run with utmost precision, efficiency and reliability.” (What exactly is ECM? Find out everything about the technology in this video

driving force behind these and other changes? “Against the background of technological development, it is obvious that deburring and ECM cleaning, e.g. for workpieces that have already been hardened, is becoming [...] with users, as many components in electric and hybrid engines require ECM cleaning, drilling, and deburring processes that EMAG ECM is already able to offer effective solutions for. In addition, there is [...] : An EMAG ECM customer received an environmental innovation award for applying electro-chemical machining on an industrial scale. “This vindicates our commitment to this effective technology, which we

applications from laser cleaning and laser welding to laser hardening. Large range of technologies The large range of technologies and applications mastered by the EMAG Group is being showcased at the AMB for [...] presenting at the AMB, offers a similar combined machining operation. With these machines, different technologies such as hard turning, internal and external grinding, milling, reaming, or honing can be combined [...] clamping operations (OP 10/OP 20). Making innovative new products possible An example of sustainable technology advanced by EMAG’s customers is electromobility, for which EMAG has provided many production solutions

at EMAG, points out: “Our comprehensive experience benefits us here, because our wide range of technologies covers the entire process chain – from pre-machining to finishing, including balancing. This means [...] the final operation takes place: Balancing with electro-chemical machining in a CS machine by EMAG ECM. This chip-free process is performed with a single repeat step. Due to the non-contact removal of material