EDNA Lifeline Dashboards

Visualization of manufacturing data and data apps

EDNA Lifeline Dashboards – Everything at a Glance

With the EDNA Lifeline Dashboards, you can visualize and analyze your machine or production line. This enables you to optimize your workflows and keep track of everything—on your mobile device or PC.

Visualize and Analyze the Processes of Your Production Line

The EDNA Life Line Dashboards have been developed for producing companies who need to optimize processes based on data and visualizations.

Advantages for your production:

  • Transparency enables you to optimize your production facility
  • Get an overview of the data of EMAG machines and external manufacturers at a glance thanks to modern visualizations
  • Direct feedback on the production processes
  • Identify anomalies to prevent downtimes
  • Support your machine operators by providing proactive tool change information to prevent unnecessary non-productive times
  • Access the dashboard from a wide range of devices

Required hardware and software:

Additional upgrades:

  • Access to a number of other EDNA Lifeline Data Apps for generating added value from data
  • Andon Monitor (on request)
  • Individually customized apps for your use cases

Lifeline Data Apps:

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