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combined with customized technology, now also makes inroads at EMAG ECM. This offers you maximum flexibility for your machining projects in the area of electrochemical machining (ECM/PECM). The right module [...] Electrochemical machining (ECM or PECM) can be used to machine a great number of different workpieces. Which technology comes to be used depends on the requirements of the workpiece. ECM can be implemented for [...] right choice. EMAG ECM already offers highly specialized machine solutions for both technologies, which are implemented for a wide variety of industries throughout the world. Above all, ECM and PECM are i

The machine construction technology used for producing turbine components is developed at EMAG ECM GmbH – the technology center for Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) within the EMAG Group. The compact PO [...] machining of turbine blades. PECM Technology for "Soft" Turbine-Blade Machining EMAG's PECM technology is used on the PO 100 SF. This technology is a targeted refinement of the ECM process, where the gap between

pre-washing, (P)ECM station, (P)ECM station 2, final treatment, and automation) once production increases. The PS is ideal for ... ECM deburring (P)ECM internal profiling (P)ECM machining (P)ECM sinking on [...] oscillation module or deburring module Scalable generator technology up to 2,500 A DC, Pulse and PECM technology Flexibly configurable pulse technology Individual cathodes can be selected/deselected Single [...] for the (P)ECM process: Modular machine concept Manual or semi-automatic starter systems Suitable for automation using robots or gantry loaders Smart software and hardware interfaces PS - (P)ECM Precision

well established process for machining extremely hard materials. With their PECM technology, the experts from EMAG ECM have further developed this method and tuned it to perfection. During the process [...] EMAG ECM has two machine types for the different machining tasks of jet engine and turbine production: while the small PO 100 SF model is designed for machining turbine blades, the larger PO 900 BF machines [...] machining area size, footprints, generator capacity and the number of machining axes. Precise PECM technology and EMAG high performance components are naturally available in both types. Both these machines

PECM technology. PECM (Precise Electro-Chemical Machining) on EMAG's PECM systems. The EMAG PTS 2500 enables the highly precise integration of demanding geometries. The EMAG ECM and PECM technology applied