EDNA Edge Cloud

Central edge storage and capture of all machines and data

EDNA Edge Cloud - The cloud solution in your company

Cloud computing has found its way practically everywhere these days and has made life much easier for many IT departments. Cooperative working, no local installation necessary, always up to date, in short: there is a lot that speaks for cloud computing and explains its great success.

But sometimes even cloud computing is not enough, e.g. for latency-critical applications, or because some data simply has to leave the corporate network. This is where edge computing comes into play.

EDNA Edge Cloud: Edge computing for your machine data

The EDNA Edge Cloud, combines the benefits of cloud computing with the security of your corporate network. Hosted in a micro data center within your network, you can not only store, analyze and process data faster, but the data on the Edge Cloud enjoys the same security standards as the rest of your corporate IT. Even more, you can even completely disconnect the EDNA EDGE Cloud from the Internet, or make only parts of the data accessible to external parties, ensuring a high level of security for that data.

The EDNA Edge Cloud is developed in close cooperation with you and your IT department to guarantee the optimal use of your EDNA IoT solutions. Benefit from the broad experience of our network experts and let us advise you without obligation.


  • Data is stored in a central location on the customer network
  • More storage space and computing power
  • Comparison of several machines or lines possible
  • The data does not leave the customer's plant
  • Combined visualization on plant level - EDNA Visualize
  • Basis for the EDNA Health Check

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