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FATECO project: Together for a greener and safer future

The EU's FATECO project embodies a collaborative partnership to improve road safety trough eco-sustainable mechanical processes. Launched in 2018, the FATECO project brings together a consortium of experts who are working together to reduce the number of vehicle component failures - one of the main causes of road accidents.

Another important aspect of the project was environmental sustainability by reducing power consumption and eliminating fire hazards and health risks from the elimination of grinding lubricant oil.


Focus on gearbox components

The project focuses on improving transmission shafts and gears, which are responsible for more than 25% of vehicle component failures. By optimizing the surface integrity of these components, FATECO aims to significantly improve their fatigue and tribological properties.


Different skills, common goal

Each partner plays an important role in the FATECO project:

  • MGEP leads the cryogenic grinding studies and the development of predictive models.
  • SIDENOR contributes its know-how in steel production and fatigue assessment.
  • CRF is a leader in the evaluation of conventional and innovative sanding techniques.
  • ECL-ENISE specializes in hard machining and surface integrity analysis.
  • UNIBO focuses on innovative technologies for gears.
  • EMAG SU develops new processes for grinding gear geometries and evaluates their environmental impact.


Environmentally friendly and efficient

FATECO's focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing methods with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) or absence of lubrication are in line with the global drive for sustainability. This aspect, driven by the combined expertise of the partners and in particular the environmentally conscious approach of EMAG SU, represents a significant advance in manufacturing.


Advanced technologies

The consortium's use of advanced AI and predictive models underlines the project's commitment to technological innovation to ensure the reliability and efficiency of manufacturing processes (http://fatecoapp.danz.eus/).


Stronger together

The success of FATECO is a testament to the power of partnerships. The seamless collaboration of different experts not only advances the goals of the project, but also paves the way for a future in which road safety is significantly improved through technological advances.


More information about the FATECO project:

FATECO project funded - Projects funded 2018-2019 - Mondragon Unibertsitatea




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