White Paper Health Check

Health Check: Systematic servicing for more productivity

With the Health Check, EMAG supports the health assessment of machines - a valuable early warning system for servicing. The special feature: The experience of experts is mapped in the analysis software. The entire solution scores highly in terms of usability. The result of the check is displayed within a few minutes.

Who benefits from this approach?

Users receive precise and up-to-date information on the health trend of their machine. In addition, the EMAG service department involved can be informed automatically if the health values of a machine deteriorate. The experts can then take a detailed look at the measurements and decide whether further steps are necessary. 

Incidentally, the entire solution is based on EDNA from EMAG - a standard for data collection and use, which reduces the manual effort involved in implementation.

Find out in this white paper how the experts from EMAG can also optimize your production. 

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